Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav



BLURB: (this book, as a collection of poetry, doesn’t really have a blurb, so I’ll choose one of my favourite poems from the collection instead)

“There is a love I reminisce,

like a seed

I’ve never sown.


Of lips that I am yet to kiss,

and eyes

Not met my own.


Hands that wrap around my wrists,

and arms

that feel like home.


I wonder how it is I miss,

these things

I’ve never known” – A Stranger

REVIEW: I cannot say enough wonderful things about this poet. I discovered Lang Leav through Tumblr and bought her book as I gradually discovered that many of her poems beautifully conveyed things I myself have felt or feared. Leav’s poetry is witty, memorable and cuts right to the core of the problems faced by many young women today, allowing the reader to feel an increasing sense that they are not alone. I love Leav’s poetry, and find it really helps on those down days when no words can express what we are feeling.


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