Tequila Mockingbird by Tim Federle



RATING: 5/5 

BLURB: “Congrats. You fought through War and Peace, burned through Fahrenheit 451, and sailed through Moby-Dick. All right, you nearly drowned in Moby-Dick, but you made it to shore – and you deserve a drink! A fun gift for barflies and a terrific treat for book clubs, Tequila Mockingbird is the ultimate cocktail book for the literary obsessed. Featuring 65 delicious drink recipes – paired with wry commentary on history’s most beloved novels – the book also includes bar bites, drinking games and whimsical illustrations throughout”

REVIEW: I bought this book as a joke present for a literature-obsessed friend and just had to order a copy for myself! I can personally testify that many of the recipes are delicious and testing them out has been great fun! I would particularly recommend ‘The Joys of Sex on the Beach’, ‘Gone with the Wine’ and ‘The Adventures of Sherbert Holmes’. The commentary on each of the literary works that the drinks are based on is also hugely entertaining, and I would definitely recommend it to any literature buffs, particularly as a present!


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