How to Marry a Marquis by Julia Quinn



BLURB: “When Elizabeth Hotchkiss stumbles upon a copy of HOW TO MARRY A MARQUIS in her employer’s library, she’s convinced someone is playing a cruel joke. With three younger siblings to support, she knows she has to marry for money, but who might have guessed how desperate she’s become? A guidebook to seduction might be just the thing she needs – and what harm could there be in taking a little peek?

James Sidwell, the Marquis of Riverdale, has been summoned to rescue his aunt from a blackmailer, a task that requires him to pose as the new estate manager, and his primary suspect is his aunt’s companion, Elizabeth. Intrigued by the alluring young woman with the curious little rulebook, he gallantly offers to help her find a husband … by practicing her wiles on him. But when practise becomes all too perfect, James decides that there is only one rule worth following – that Elizabeth marry her marquis.”

REVIEW: It isn’t very often that I read light, fluffy books – as any of you who have followed this blog for a while may be able to tell. But this was without doubt the best romance I have read in quite some time. I smiled pretty much the whole way through, even at the parts when it looked like Elizabeth and James would never work out that they were meant to be together, simply because I knew I was guaranteed a happy ending. I finished the book easily within a couple of hours and it really eased the stress I was feeling at the time. Elizabeth is truly reminiscent of an Austen heroine – funny, witty and with just the right touch of awkwardness and clumsiness to make her truly loveable, the reader truly grows to care for Elizabeth and admire her determination to care for her younger siblings despite their poverty. James, too, is very much like an Austen male, being particularly similar to Mr Darcy, and he is definitely very easy to fall in love with – the reader can certainly empathise with Elizabeth there! My favourite character, however, has to be Lady Danbury. Funny and feisty, Lady Danbury pushes the couple together at every opportunity and her witty one-liners often made me laugh aloud while reading! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am planning on reading it again very soon in order to de-stress from my exams…I would recommend it highly to fans of Austen and fans of chick-lit. 


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