The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn



BLURB: “At the age of ten, Miss Miranda Cheever showed no signs of ever becoming a Great Beauty. Her hair was lamentably brown, her eyes the same muddy colour and her legs, which were uncommonly long, refused to learn anything which might remotely be called grace. 

Only, in 1811, the nineteen-year-old Viscount Turner – eldest brother of Miranda’s closest friend – had kissed the hand of an awkward ten-year-old girl and promised her that one day she’d be as beautiful as she was clever. 

Now, eight years later, Miranda is a grown woman, and Turner an embittered widower. But she has never forgotten his kindness. Indeed it is only in her diary that she confides the truth: she has never stopped loving Turner, and she has never stopped hoping that one day he will see her as more than a naive girl.”

REVIEW: Although I found this book hugely entertaining and was swept away by the romance, just like I always am with Quinn’s works, I did find myself to be somewhat disappointed in Quinn’s construction of her heroine, Miranda Cheever. In the other novels I have read, Quinn’s heroines are often strong, independent women who lose none of their integrity when they fall in love with the main male character. Miranda, however, seemed much weaker than Quinn’s usual form of character, and I was disappointed with her lack of female strength when dealing with Turner, who, during their extremely rocky and unusual courtship, often treats her appallingly. Yet, Miranda still ends up marrying Turner, just as all of Quinn’s heroines do. Despite this lack of backbone in Miranda’s character, the book still make me smile and had some lines that made me laugh aloud. The romance of the story was as well-written as usual…I just wish Quinn had stuck to the usual mode of feisty females that she writes so well.


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