Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie



BLURB: “When Peter Pan and his fairy companion Tinker Bell fly in through the window of Wendy’s nursery one night, it is the beginning of an adventure that whisks Wendy and her brothers Michael and John off to Neverland. There they will find mermaids, fairies, pirates led by the sinister Captain Hook, and the crocodile who bit off his leg – and still pursues him in hope of the rest!”

REVIEW: I love diving back into children’s classics (especially when I’m ill, like now!) and was really looking forward to reading this lovely copy of ‘Peter Pan’ that I purchased yesterday. I had never read the original story as a child and, after reading the novel, I am almost glad that I didn’t! For a children’s tale, ‘Peter Pan’ is surprisingly dark, dealing with themes of death and violence in a relatively open and brutal way. The disappearance of the children to Neverland begins as a great adventure, but the reader soon discovers that there is a darker side to this magical land, where children never grow up and pirates are at war with them. I do think, however, that this darkness prevalent throughout the story is a positive thing – it teaches children of hidden dangers; it teaches them to be wary but also teaches them to be brave in the face of danger. However, because of these themes, I think this tale would be better told to slightly older children, perhaps between the ages of six and ten, rather than those who are younger. I did, however, really enjoy returning to this magical story, and was particularly amused by the spiteful and jealous Tinker Bell, who held all the features that we know and love from Walt Disney’s adaptation of the novel many years after its publication.


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