Second Form at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton



BLURB: “Back to Malory Towers and in the Second Form now, Darrell and her friends know that they should be a little more grown-up. But sometimes sheer mischief gets the better of them…and they think they can get the better of the mistresses. Are they about to go one trick too far?”

REVIEW: The second installment in Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers series is just as entertaining and heartwarming as the first, once again containing important messages about friendship and the difference between right and wrong. Malory Towers has welcomed three new girls at the beginning of this book; the quiet, serious scholarship girl, Ellen; the scatty and artistic Belinda; and the rich and boastful Daphne. Whilst Belinda fits in instantly, both Ellen and Daphne have a little more trouble, though for very different reasons. Ellen is struggling to maintain the high grades that led her to achieve the scholarship, and is worried that she will disappoint her parents, whilst Daphne has made friends with the spoilt Gwendoline and is hiding a dark secret behind her bragging. Combined with this, Alicia is causing friction among the second formers as she grows jealous of Sally’s position as head girl, which leads her to play a very amusing trick on the teachers – which, I do believe, will make any reader laugh out loud no matter how old they are! Things begin to get worse for poor Ellen, however, when she becomes unwell and is accused of stealing by the other girls when she is in fact trying to find test papers to cheat from. I will not reveal who the real thief is here, though I know many of you will have read the book, as it is always nice to leave you with some element of surprise! I am thoroughly enjoying re-reading these childhood favourites and would definitely recommend them to those who haven’t already been acqauinted with them.


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