In the Fifth at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton



BLURB: “The exams are over! Now Darrell and her friends can settle down to a year of fun. But with a pantomime to run and some terrible fights amongst the Upper Fourth, life’s not as quiet as they’d hoped…”

REVIEW: This was always my favourite book in series, as I absolutely loved the plotline of Darrell and her friends teaming up to write, produce and perform in the school pantomime, ‘Cinderella’. The new characters introduced in this book are also far less likeable than the previously introduced characters, which adds some enjoyment to the book because of the conflict this creates between the existing fifth formers and these other girls, the domineering Moira and the sickeningly sweet Katherine. Most of the book is taken up by the thoroughly enjoyable pantomime plotline, but also by the myserious poison pen letters that Moira begins to receive after falling out with many of the other girls, providing a number of possible culprits for the letter-writing. The identity of the culprit may provide a surprise for some readers, and this revelation, combined with the delightful chapter about the play and a brilliant trick played by Mademoiselle Dupont makes this book my favourite one yet, and also provides a fun and satisfying ending that captures the sense of the fun the girls themselves have had throughout the novel as they did not need to take any exams.


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